CEO Message



Today, Regional revitalization is recognized as the top immediate priority for Japan. By these reasons of decreasing population caused by decreasing birthrate and aging population, concentration of economical network in metropolitan areas from creating stresses towards local economy to decline is very visible. From the name of our company Tohoku VISIT ‘s best intention is to committing fully to regional revitalization at the stage of Tohoku.



I think the key to regional revitalization is only in primary industry and tourist industry. Nowadays, National projects, global economy growth, International events are happening in and out of the nation and the Japanese Islands is rising, but the blessing of the foreign tourists has not reached the Tohoku region. But we haven’t lost hope completely. Tohoku is full of world-class contents (people/resources/business). We VISIT Tohoku Inc. commit to draw the maximally potential of Tohoku’s world-class contents.



We strive to create a world regional revitalization model of a new economic zone by bring never before seen foreign culture here to 「Tohoku」.We are willing to rank the Brand of 「TOHOKU」to the same level as Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. If we are planning doing it the bigger, the better! That is why we have the vision to become the No.1 creative sightseeing city in the world. This is VISIT TOHOKU’s passionate mission!

CEO Personal History

代表取締役 齊藤 良太


    • 1982年 宮城県仙台市生まれ
    • 2001年 宮城県仙台南高等学校 卒業
    • 2003年 EL Camino College 卒業
    • 2005年 San Francisco State University  国際関係学科を卒業
    • 2005年 富士通株式会社入社  公共部門のシステムインテグレーション営業として3年間従事
    • 2008年 日本マイクロソフト株式会社入社  公共部門の広域営業・マーケティング担当として4年間、コンシューマー部門のマーケティングマネージャーとして3年間従事し、その間数多くの実績が認められる。2010年には米国本社より最高AwardであるCircle of Excellence Platinum Club を受賞、他にもJapan President Award / Worldwide PS Marketing Excellence Award / CPE Champion Award / 他部門賞など含めて、複数のAwardを通年受賞し続けたキャリアを持つ。Microsoft認定上位資格であるMicrosoft Certified IT Professional (Windows Server Administrator) 保有
    • 2015年 株式会社パソナグループへ「アントレプレナー社員」として入社  準備期間中にインバウンド業界団体「地方創生インバウンド機構」(liijapan.com)をファウンダーとして設立
    • 2016年1月 株式会社パソナグループより出資を受け起業、株式会社VISIT東北 代表取締役就任
    • 2016年10月 一般社団法人東北インアウトバウンド連合を設立し、副理事長に就任
    • 2017年3月   一般社団法人宮城インバウンドDMOを設立し、代表理事に就任
CEO Ryota Saito
    • 1982 Born in Miyagi prefecture Sendai city
    • 2005 Graduated from San Francisco State university Bachelor of International relations
    • Entering Fujitsu Ltd. Public Sector System Integration trade for 3 years.
    • 2008 Joining Japan Microsoft Co. Ltd Wide area business of Public Sector・Marketing for 4years. Marketing manager of Consumer section for 3 years. He has achieved many in those years. In 2010 receives the highest award “Circle of Excellence Platinum Club” from the U.S. parent company along with Japan President Award / Worldwide PS Marketing Excellence Award / CPE Champion Award and receiving other department awards throughout the year in his career. He holds Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Windows Server Administrator).
    • 2015 Joining Pasona Group Inc. as Entrepreneur Employee During the preparation establishes inbound business organization 「Local revitalization & inbound institute」.
    • 2016 Receiving foundation from Pasona Group Inc. he launches VISIT TOHOKU Inc. becoming the CEO.