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― A Distinctive Challenge in Japan ―

We have created this ‘Educational Travel to Japan Program’ for all university students in hopes that they will have a gain invaluable experiences while staying in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures.

This educational travel program allows students to experience the culture and lives of the locals living in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. Students can also empathise, and  understand the resolute and mindset of the locals after having gone through the great earthquake and disaster.
※ This educational tour is done with the purpose of learning, not sightseeing.

The authentic Japanese culture and business experience that cannot be learn in school is guaranteed.

<Examples of Travel Contents>

Below are some of our trial programs done in Miyagi and Iwate Prefecture. There are more than 100 experience-based and research contents for academic purposes.

Example of the travel content:

Home Stay

Participants can have an opportunity to have a short home-stay with locals experience the daily lives of Japanese people.


Japanese culture Experience

Participants can have hands-on experience with traditional Japanese crafts such as ceramics, glass blowing, indigo dye, etc. Participants can learn about the traditional techniques and understand the effort put in to make these crafts.


Agriculture Experience

Rice farming has been the center of Japanese people’s lives. Participants can try reaping rice together, milk a cow with local farmers and get an insight into the traditional Japanese farmer’s lifestyle and its environment.


01 Local Economy Program

Learn about Japan’s corporate culture and its management  style.
Participating industries includes food manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, farmers and inns. This program allows participants to learn about various quality management methods and manufacturing methods of Japanese companies. This is highly recommended for those who are keen to know about Japanese companies.

・Japanese companies (E.g. Sendai International Airport Co. Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, etc)
・Onsen Area (E.g. Aone Hot Springs, etc)

Example: Panasonic Corporation
A trip to Sendai Factory in Natori City and learn management theory, development of global market and the vision/mission of founder, Konosuke Matsushita.


02 Craftsman Program

Experience Japanese culture from its traditional crafts. Participants can learn about the passion and commitment put into these crafts from the expert craftsmen themselves! This experience will open your mind to a completely different world and help you set your future goals and way of life.

·Traditional culture studio (E.g. Pottery, Indigo Dyeing workshop, etc)

Example: Indigo Dyeing workshop
Create your own indigo dyed products via using environmentally friendly natural indigo dye. Not only can you bring back your own handmade indigo dyed products home, you can also learn a thing or two from the expert craftsman themselves about the philosophy and traditional dyeing methods!

03 History Program

Learn about Japanese History with the guidance of experts in this field. This program provides an immersive experience by bringing you to historical sites and explaining the history behind them. Have a question about Bushido and Japanese spirit? This is just the tour for you!

・Sendai Castle, Takekoma Shrine, Chusonji, etc.
・Onsen Area (e.g Kamosaka Onsen, etc)

Example: Hiraizumi Chusonji (World Heritage Site)
A visit to historical sites and ruins that are still present since the Heian Period and learn about the history behind it.

04 Agriculture Program

Experience agriculture/dairy farming and learn the sixth order value chain development in Japan. This program allows participants to learn and practice the methods in dairy farming and agriculture from professional farmers who are responsible for the high-quality Japanese food. Learn the techniques and science behind nurturing and harvesting tasty products.

・Example: Abubukuma Agricultural School, Watanabe Farm, etc)
・Gelato Store (Gelateria La Festa, etc)

Example: Abubukuma Agricultural School
Hands-on experience and learn how it is like to be pruning, harvesting, daily care, shipping, management, quality control, etc. Learn from the farmers themselves on how to nurture and harvest high quality agricultural products.

05 Reconstruction Program

A comprehensive insight and intuitive experience to understanding the 2011 East Japan Earthquake that struck northeast Japan. On March 11, 2011, northeast Japan suffered a majored earthquake and tsunami which resulted in the loss of about 16000 lives. The coastal areas of Miyagi Prefecture is particularly affected where a large number of houses and lives were lost. Participants can learn about the efforts and projects done for the revival and reconstruction of the region. They can also hear the voices of the survivors and learn about regional rehabilitation of specific measures such as embankment construction, housing reconstruction, disaster prevention education, government subsidies and employment.

・Minamisanriku coast, Onagawa, Yamamoto (GRA), etc
・Iwanuma (tree planting experience), Naton (morning market), etc.

Example: Iwanuma
Learn the methods on cultivating new trees that can effectively resist tsunami and forestry from Tohoku University.

06 Disaster Prevention Program

Tohoku and Iwate Prefecture have suffered various damages from earthquake and flood. This program is catered to those who are interested in learning about the techniques of flood control. Participants can also learn about urban functions inland and in coastal areas that played an important function in the Great Earthquake.

・Rikuzentakata, Kesennuma
・Ichinoseki (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ichinoseki disaster prevention centre, etc)

Example: Rikuzentakata
Rikuzentakata suffered huge damage due to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, bringing its population down from about 24000 to 20000. Hear the voices of the people living in the area and learn about the spirit of harmony in Tohoku.

07 Japanese dance & Craft Program

Experience the essence of Japanese culture from its traditional performing arts and its unique crafts. This program allows participants to have an immersive experience of Japanese regional craft and culture through learning traditional Japanese dance and crafting from the experts themselves.

・Ichinoseki City (Maruzan Lacquerware, etc)
・Oshu City (Iwatanido Tansu factory, etc)

Example: Iwayado Tansu Seisakusho
A visit to the Iwayado Tansu factory which has been around since the 1100s. Learn Japanese culture through a hands-on experience of making the traditional craft.

08 Gold, Mochi Program

Mochi/ rice cake is a food culture that has supported the world heritage Hiraizumi in the Southern area of Iwate Prefecture while Gold culture is solely in the Chusonji Kannado. This program allows participants to learn about the gold culture in the area and make their own mochi/ rice cake.

・Hiraizumi-cho (Chusonji)
・Kamaishi City (Kamaishi City Hall, etc)

Example: Chusonji
Learn about Kimonodo which is a representative of gold culture. Learn about the region’s unique food culture through the history and culture of eating glutinous rice.

You can choose your favorite tour!

<Schedule & Price>

01 Local Economy Program
departure: January 31, 2018 / February 5, 2018
Price: 99750円~

02 Craftsman Program
departure: January 9, 2018 /  January 14, 2018 / January 31, 2018 / February 5, 2018
Price: 99750円~

03 History Program
departure: January 9, 2018 /  January 14, 2018
Price: 99750円~

04 Agriculture Program
departure: January 31, 2018
Price: 99750円~

05 Reconstruction Program
departure: January 9, 2018 /  January 14, 2018 / February 5, 2018
Price: 99750円~

06 Disaster Prevention Program
departure: January 10, 2018
Price: 97200円~

07 Japanese dance & Craft Program
departure: February 11, 2018
Price: 97200円~

08 Gold, Mochi Program
departure: January 15, 2018 / February 6, 2018
Price: 70200円~

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