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Reconstruction Agency “New Tohoku” Exchange Expansion Model Project / A joint educational travel programme with Pasona!

In 2017, Reconstruction Agency ‘New Tohoku’ took on an exchange expansion model project and planned an educational travel program called ‘Unique Potential Discovery’.

This new form of educational travel set in Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture allows participants to experience craftsmanship techniques such as ceramics and indigo dyeing, or agriculture or studying about the reconstruction efforts and techniques.

This trip offers participants new possibilities and experiences through an immersive educational travel tour program.

“Unique Potential Discovery” Home Page (English / 简体字 / 繁體字)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep stepping forward to revitalize Tohoku region with profound respect to Japanese culture and continuous polish of global awareness.

CEO  Ryota Saito


The revitalization of the various regions across Japan is recognized as one of the most important topics. With the decreasing birthrate, aging population and concentration of people in major cities being some of the main causes, the economy of smaller regions and districts is starting to get worse and worse as time passes. VISIT Tohoku, as the name suggests is a company fully committed to the revitalization of the Tohoku region.

We think that the sole key to fixing the current issue with smaller regions and districts is both primary industry and sightseeing. Recently, with the changes and growth of the country’s policies as well as world economy and international events, the visitors to the Japanese islands have started to become much more consistent and larger in number, however these numbers and blessings are not reaching Tohoku. However, even with that said we are not at all disappointed. There are many things, people and experiences in Tohoku that everyone from all over the world would become infatuated with. We, VISIT Tohoku put our entire focus into bringing out that potential and showing it to the entire world.

We try to carry foreign culture that has never been brought here before into Tohoku and become a model for the revitalization of Japan’s many regions by working hard and creating a new economic bloc. We would like to bring the name “Tohoku” up to the level of places like Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. If we’re going to do it we feel we should aim big. Which is why we will be aiming to be the best sightseeing spot in the entire world! This is our, VISIT Tohoku’s passionate mission.