What is the “Matsuri project”?

By using Tohoku’s traditional festivals, we are a company that has been established to help with the revitalization of the Tohoku region. VISIT Tohoku is a company made for that purpose and for that purpose we are using “Festivals”.

From famous festivals to ones that seem like they’re about to become a new tradition we are introducing all of Tohoku. We want to be a step above the rest and make foreign people want to come and see and experience these festivals for themselves.

Festival project stage 1 “MATSURI de Gelato”

For the first stage of the MATSURI project, we opened a gelato shop “Gelateria la festa”. Made with ingredients from the local area and seeing those should help with the revitalization of the local area. There are many famous food products collected within Tohoku, by using these we create gelato, and send them out of town, out of prefecture and eventually out of country to expand Tohoku brand.

MATSURI de Gelato