Media operation business


Media showing the many alluring sights of Tohoku “”
To show the many alluring and beautiful sights within Tohoku to the entire world, we are currently managing and operating a media sight that bring these sights into the eyes of foreigners all over the world.

A Travel agent site aimed towards the South Korean people “TOHOKURO”
This is an online travel agency that will connect South Korea and Tohoku together as one. We are also managing a range of other businesses to help with the revitalization of the Tohoku region.

DMO business


The establishment of “General Incorporated Association Miyagi Inbound DMO”
With the help of 4 cities and 9 towns in the southern area of the Miyagi prefecture we established a DMO organization that focuses on creating sightseeing attractions and promotions for inbound visitors to the region.

Industry revitalization project


“Matsuri project”
“Matsuri” means festival. Tohoku has a lot of festivals. We aim to use these festivals by putting them a step above the rest, making it so that foreign people want to visit Tohoku over all else.

Matsuri Project special page

Sightseeing consulting project


DMO establish support business
By using the experience gained from establishing General Incorporated Association Miyagi Inbound DMO we are aiming to support people and companies who want to establish themselves.

Inbound consulting business
Depending on the foreigner we have the possibility for consulting from a foreigners point of view by our inbound consulting crew. Engaging in everything sightseeing with the stakeholders as the center we enforce coordination, and also make sure to collect, analyze, strategize and manage the required data to we create a sightseeing location.

Lecture service
We are giving lectures with regards to information about inbound and establishing a DMO.

Advertisement and marketing business


Taiwan promotion center
To try and increase the amount of visitors to Japan we are constantly releasing public advertisements into Taiwan with our “Taiwan PR/Promotion service”. We aim to release and transmit information of why Tohoku is such an amazing place to visit to try and help start the rebuilding of industry and revitalization of the region.

Producing foreign drama
We try to appeal about Tohoku by shooting drama and movies in cooperation with The company Journal Entertainment Tribute (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
Japan; President and Representative Director, CEO: Toshiya Niikura).


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News Release

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